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Intergovernmental Liaison Technical Advisor
Title:Intergovernmental Liaison Technical Advisor
Location:Nairobi, Kenya

The Intergovernmental Liaison Technical Advisor  is being sought to provide support for the efficient and effective operation of the Ending Drought Emergencies (EDE) Secretariat within the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) under the Ministry of Devolution and Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs). The purpose of the EDE Secretariat is to lead and facilitate implementation of the Common Program Framework (CPF) for EDE in ways that enhance the alignment, coordination and technical quality of all investments and interventions that contribute to its six pillars. The pillars are Peace and Security, Climate-proofed Infrastructure, Human Capital, Sustainable Livelihoods, Drought Risk Management, and Institutional Development and Knowledge Management.

The Secretariat is also responsible for delivery of Pillar 6 which focuses on the enabling environment for the EDE as a whole, i.e. institutional capacity development, coordination, and knowledge management. The Intergovernmental Liaison Technical Advisor will support the EDE Secretariat Team Leader in steering and facilitating the EDE process and may be required to contribute across the full range of the Secretariat’s functions. Those functions include:

  1. Support the establishment of, and provide technical support to, the range of structures that constitute the EDE institutional framework, whether at the county, national or regional level.
  2. Strategic review of current and future programming in order to evaluate alignment with the CPF for EDE, and in order to strengthen synergy (and, where possible, harmonization) between interventions.
  3. Provision of technical guidance and support to partners and stakeholders, including County Governments, in the design and delivery of program and projects that contribute to the EDE, particularly those implemented under the framework of Pillar 6.
  4. Design programs, write and submit reports and attend meetings and forums to fulfill Kenya’s obligations under the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development’s (IGAD’s) Drought Disaster Resilience and Sustainability Initiative (IDDRSI) framework and advancement of Kenya’s leadership role in the region.
  5. Provide technical assistance to county-led initiatives which concern policy or institutional reform related to the EDE and ensure effective coordination with the appropriate national-level bodies.
  6. Preparation of reports and presentations for internal and external audiences as required, as well as information materials that synthesize lessons and experience from EDE implementation.
  7. Work with the EDE Secretariat in internal and external forums in ways which advance the objectives of the CPF for EDE in an appropriate manner.

The Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), Global Programs, Agricultural Economic Development Division (AED) will manage this project. AED designs and administers USDA’s international agricultural technical assistance programs and works with development partners in support of the Department’s overall goals and objectives.

The Technical Adviser will report to the Team Leader of the EDE Secretariat within the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA). The post holder’s annual performance management framework will be agreed with USDA, with input from the EDE Secretariat Team Leader and other USG as determined.

This post requires a significant amount of travel, up to two weeks per month to the 15 ASAL counties, as well as one regional trip per quarter within the IGAD member states. Domestic travel expenses will be reimbursed at Government of Kenya rates, whereas international travel will be reimbursed at US Government rates.

The place of performance will be Nairobi, Kenya with local travel up to two weeks of the month to ASAL counties in Kenya and up to one regional trip per quarter.

The advisor shall submit a draft quarterly work plan for the coming quarter at least fifteen (15) days before the end of a contract year, with the provisional endorsement of the ministry to which the advisor is assigned. This work plan will be approved or rejected within 30 days of submission, and will guide the advisor’s work for the year.

The advisor shall provide, through e-mail, monthly technical reports within 15 days to those parties identified by USDA (which may include other U.S. Government officers, and/or others, and which may change from time to time) - with copies made available to NDMA. The reports shall contain, at minimum, a detailed report of activities undertaken, progress of ongoing work and planned activities. The report shall include timelines and benchmarks for specific activities and should be accompanied with supporting analyses, studies, or relevant reports as references or copies of what they have generated.

The advisor shall provide one-hour briefing presentations at the U.S. Embassy not less than quarterly. The topics will be determined jointly between the Advisor and/or USDA/USAID and NDMA.

The technical advisor is responsible for building capacity within the NDMA. This is likely to include direct consultations with high-ranking officials (including ministers and deputy ministers) and advisors should be able to provide guidance and technical oversight for very large programs while maintaining tact and ensuring that the NDMA is taking a leading role and will be increasingly able to carry out similar programs in the future with less external assistance.


  1. At least a MA or MSc Degree in Public Policy, Development studies, Environment, Economics, rangelands management, or Business administration.
  2. At least ten years’ experience in dryland development, preferably with some direct experience in the ASALs of Kenya.
  3. Specialist skills in one or more areas relevant to the functions of the EDE Secretariat, such as institutional development, planning, public policy, monitoring and evaluation, coordination, research, communication, or external relations.
  4. A good understanding and knowledge of Kenya's policy and legislative framework that governs the management of ASALs and fulfillment of obligations under IGAD.
  5. Experience in the development and/or implementation of a national resilience strategy and framework 
  6. Experience in the implementation of business models of integrating humanitarian and development assistance to respond to droughts through early livelihood interventions.
  7. Experience conducting sophisticated analysis of the development opportunities and challenges of Kenya’s ASALs and the implications for drought and climate resilience.
  8. Excellent oral and written communication skills, with the ability to produce clear, accurate and well-structured reports and presentations.
  9. The ability to engage effectively with a diverse group of stakeholders, anticipate their needs, and manage strategic partnerships.
  10. A strong track record of delivery, with the ability to organize activities and take initiative within agreed boundaries of responsibility.
  11. Native level fluency in Swahili, excellent English language ability, and the ability to understand some local language spoken in ASAL countries of Kenya.  

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